Monday, October 18, 2010

Anti-Evolution Advertising Plastered On Penn. Turnpike Billboard

What is it with some religious groups that think that evolution is incompatible with their religious beliefs?

Religious groups are free to believe whatever they want, but they are not entitled to their own facts. Denying that evolution has occurred, or that the science on evolution is well founded ignores reality. Indeed, even the Pope has declared that evolution and religious belief are not incompatible. So, why is it that some groups continue to plaster anti-evolution billboards?

The billboard that I saw is pretty much identical to the ones that were spotted in Massachusetts. It wasn't spotted on some rural highway either.

I spotted this one on the Pennsylvania Turnpike not far from the bridge over the Delaware River into New Jersey. It's just outside Philadelphia and one of the highest trafficked corridors in the region.

I don't know who's sponsoring these billboards, but they clearly couldn't care about science. It's all about the agenda.

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