Thursday, September 03, 2009

UN Warns of Gaza Sewage Troubles

The United Nations is calling on Israel to immediately lessen its restrictions on the movement of parts and equipment so that Gaza can maintain and upgrade its sewage infrastructure.

That sounds great in theory, but the Gazans have other ideas for the equipment. They've repeatedly used pipes meant for sewage and water transport as kassam missile components, and have had no problem seeking to blame Israel for Gazans' ignoring their infrastructure at every turn.

This isn't a new problem, but an old one. Hamas has no interest in providing basic services to the Gazans. It has used, and will continue to use, equipment and materials provided on humanitarian grounds for terror purposes. The claims of imminent problems are little more than propaganda efforts to continue pressure on Israel.

And while the left brays at Israel's restrictions on Gaza and has made unfounded claims of starvation in Gaza, the facts are quite different. In fact, prices for Halal meat in Gaza is no higher than meat found in the US. If starvation was anywhere near as bad as claimed, the price for meat would be far higher (supply and demand folks). If Gazans were starving, would they be able to get mass quantities of freshly made felafel and other delicacies on streets in Gaza City?

Meanwhile, Hamas is busy claiming that the UNRWA is stealing medicine from Hamas.

At the same time, the AFP is busy breaking bread with the smugglers operating the tunnels between Gaza and Egypt. Those tunnels allow Gazans to bring in weapons and equipment and all other manner of contraband.

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