Friday, April 17, 2009

Brazilian Models Have Stiff Competition From Israelis

Mrs. Lawhawk sends this along.
Sure, everyone knows that Brazilian supermodels dominate the swimsuit model industry, but Israeli model Donna Feldman thinks her native country is ready to give the South American hotspot a run for its money.

"Every time I visit my family in Israel I am blown away by how beautiful the women are. The beach in Tel Aviv is filled with tan, curvy, all-natural exotic women," Feldman quipped. "Instead of a single man vacationing on the beach in Brazil, Israel is definitely another option to consider."

But as the saying goes, you can’t please everyone - and while Feldman was totally flattered to be featured alongside Bar Refaeli in the Brett Ratner-directed "Ladies of ‘69" calendar for Heeb Magazine, to mark the year 5769, a bit of bare skin comes with a few wicked words.

"There is so much hatred in the world nothing surprises me. I received tons of fan mail and my family was very proud, but hate mail [as well]." Feldman told Tarts in our exclusive interview. "If I felt offended in any way, I would have never done the project. But I was raised in a completely open minded family with an amazing sense of humor."

So with beauties such as Feldman, Bar Refaeli, Natalie Portman and "Weeds" starlet Meital Dohan flying the flag for Israel, is it possible that it is taking over from Brazil when it comes to being the most bikinilicious?
As I can attest from my own experiences in Israel, Israeli women certainly can handle the competition from anywhere else in the world. I'd throw in Gal Gadot and Esti Ginzberg as well.

Besides, Israeli women know how to handle their firearms.

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