Monday, February 09, 2009

Terror Attacks Continue Against Israel With Elections One Day Away

Hamas and Islamic Jihad continue their war against Israel, firing rockets and attempting to infiltrate into Israel across the Gaza-Israel border. Israel responded with attacking Hamas outposts.

It's expected that the attacks are tied to tomorrow's elections, but the outcome is sure to not work out in Hamas' favor, especially if Israel elects leaders who are more likely to go after Hamas after every single attack rather than wait months or years before carrying out raids against Hamas terror infrastructure and the smuggling tunnels that enable Hamas to resupply with more advanced weaponry.

It comes as Israelis prepare to go to the polls tomorrow to determine the makeup of the Knesset. There are 120 seats in the Knesset, and it is expected that no single party will come up with even 30 seats. It takes 60 seats to form a government and that means that the party that comes up with the most seats gets an opportunity to form a coalition government.

Outgoing Prime Minister, the lame duck corrupt Ehud Olmert has thrown his support behind fellow Kadima party leader Foreign Minister Livni, which may be a kiss of death as far as I'm concerned. Olmert's judgment has been worse than awful given the way he allowed and tolerated Hamas and Islamic Jihad terror attacks against Israeli communities within range of Gaza for years on end. Israel's Operation Cast Lead was a start in the right direction, but the Israelis have to maintain zero tolerance for any terror attacks, and the politicians continue to allow some number of attacks to occur without taking military action. That is unacceptable.

Livni is more likely to continue the string of failures that Olmert began. Binyamin Netanyahu is a flawed candidate, but is far better than Livni and the alternatives.

What's interesting is that some polls seem to suggest that support for Hamas has dropped since Israel carried out Operation Cast Lead. People in the region are beginning to see Hamas and the other terror groups as the cancer they are.

Let's only hope that the Israeli voters see that a strong hand against Hamas will result in safer Israeli communities and improved security. Concessions result in Hamas and the other terrorists taking advantage and engaging in still more attacks against Israel by any means possible.

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