Monday, February 16, 2009

Hamas Continues War Against Israel; Ceasefire Still In Works?

The BBC continues its assault on media credibility by framing the latest incidents in Gaza as follows:
Israeli jets have bombed tunnels on Gaza's border with Egypt, after two rockets were fired at southern Israel.

The Israeli military said the air attack targeted a tunnel used for smuggling arms into Gaza.

A little-known militant group called Hezbollah Brigades Palestine claimed responsibility for the rocket attacks, which caused no casualties.
For starters, Hamas controls all actions ongoing in Gaza and the creation of another alphabet terrorist group doesn't diminish the fact that Hamas is in control of Gaza. The creation of "another" terrorist group is meant to obscure the fact that Hamas is behind the attacks so that Hamas can claim and get a hudna with Israel all while continuing its war on Israel.

More to the point, the BBC first notes the Israeli reprisal strikes, rather than the precipitating act - the ongoing rocket fire against Israel from Gaza. It's a pattern that the international media has replayed for years on end, and it provides Hamas and the terrorists with a media voice.

Then, there's the whole notion that there has been a ceasefire since the end of Operation Cast Lead. As I've repeatedly pointed out, Hamas and the other terrorists in Gaza have continued firing rockets and mortars at Israel nonstop since Operation Cast Lead. In fact, barely a day goes by without a mortar or kassam fired into Israel by these terrorists. Terrorists continue plotting and planning for attacks, and Gazans continue dying as a result of terrorist mishaps.

Meanwhile, the Jordanians, with whom Israel has a peace treaty, is contemplating filing war crimes charges against Israel in the International Criminal Court, despite the fact that Hamas has openly and overtly engaged in war crimes with every single kassam fired on Israel, with every utterance calling for the destruction of Israel and with every use of human shields to protect terrorists. Even human rights groups have been forced to admit that there is little evidence of Israel committing human rights violations during the war, but that Hamas' actions are so substantial that it doesn't even require investigation. Jordan has not recommended bringing charges against Hamas.

The outcry over Israel killing civilians reached dizzying heights during Operation Cast Lead but the facts show that fewer civilians died than the Palestinians ever claimed. In fact, many, if not most were terrorists. Less than one-third of the 1,200 claimed killed were civilians. Among those killed was one thug who was portrayed as a civilian, but a Hamas poster reveals his true nature as a terrorist. Israel has long claimed that the overwhelming majority of those killed were terrorists, all while the Palestinians claim that most were civilians. Again, this goes back to the fact that the terrorists hid behind cribs of children and the skirts of women in order to fire their mortars and rockets at Israel. Israel inevitably hit civilians, but their deaths and injuries are the fault of no one but Hamas, who initiated the conflict by firing their rockets and mortars at Israel with the express purpose of killing and maiming Israeli civilians.

At the same time, the Olmert government is now trying to cover for the fact that they're working on a deal to swap terrorists for the release of Gilad Shalit. As I have repeatedly written, any such deal undermines Israel's national security and provides incentives for the terrorists to take more Israelis for use as bargaining chips. In fact, some of the reports indicate that Israel is requiring that any terrorists released be sent to Syria or Lebanon. That's bad news for those countries and opens yet another front in the war against Israel; it undermines the fragile situation in Lebanon and it allows the terrorists to operate freely and openly in Syria.

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