Saturday, January 24, 2009

Where Are All The Fiscally Responsible People?

Are they an endangered species? Are there any fiscally responsible politicians left in the country? Is anyone actually going to stand up against the grossly irresponsible spending package that President Obama and Congress are about to embark upon?

There are plenty of dispirited Republicans out there who don't know where to go now that they lack the numbers in Congress to mount a credible response or filibuster measures that they oppose. There's a good reason for this.

The Republicans lost their bearings over the past decade. They fell into the same spending habits of the Democrats that they once abhorred. There was a time when Republicans stood for fiscal responsibility. No longer.

Now, they're pushing the same kinds of economic rubbish that Democrats push; but Republicans fail because they just can't spend nearly as much as Democrats propose.

That has to change if Republicans want to gain seats in 2010 or mount a credible campaign in 2012.

It starts with a broad-based counter to the porkfest "stimulus" package that is anything but.

It starts with the recognition that the recession isn't because of a failure of the market, but because the market has reasserted itself after years of distortion by government policy.

The problem is that the GOP leadership isn't listening. They're unable to put together a coherent message, let alone agree on a message.

If the idea is to get the GOP to have a strong comeback in 2010, they have to start attacking Obama's socialist policies now. That starts with opposing the porkfest that the media and Congress claims is a stimulus package.

It means acting like fiscal conservatives and demanding accountability. The reason that GOP was sent into the wilderness is because they abandoned the notion of fiscal responsibility, among others. Fiscal responsibility is a message that resonates with most Americans. Start with that. Add in national defense and national security, and you've got a trifecta of interrelated issues that can actually result in gaining seats in 2010 because we know that Obama is going to spend like there's no tomorrow and will speed redistribution of wealth despite its corrosive and destructive effect on those who actually produce wealth in the nation.

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