Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Repeat Offenders

Hamas is at it again. They're again smuggling items across the Gaza-Egypt border, despite Egyptian efforts to stop the smuggling and Israeli airstrikes against multiple tunnels. Israel clearly didn't get all of them.

Israeli troops have again fully withdrawn from Gaza, which means that Gaza is just as it was at the end of 2005 when Israel disengaged from Gaza. The difference this time is that Hamas continued its war with Israel and Israel responded with Operation Cast Lead, destroying homes, businesses, and infrastructure that Hamas used as its terror platform.

It should come as no surprise that Hamas is now pursing collaborators who they believe told Israel where Hamas thugs and their weapons caches were located. Hamas got hurt by the Israeli operation, but is by no means crippled. Operation Cast Lead ended too soon for that outcome.

Hamas is also playing games about the status of Gilad Shalit
. They claim that Israel may have bombed the location where Shalit was located. Hamas has refused to grant the ICRC or other human rights groups access to Shalit for more than two years and there was little reason to believe that Shalit was alive before Operation Cast Lead.

Carl in Jerusalem wonders whether Shalit is about to disappear for good. I think that's a fair assessment. He also notes that the Hamas tunnels are back up and running.

The photographers haven't had much trouble finding them either.

Via Daylife.

They're busy rebuilding them. Some of them are in plain sight.

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