Sunday, January 25, 2009

Hamas Rearms

Hamas continues to defiantly pronounce that they will not cease smuggling weapons into Gaza for their war with Israel. French and US Navy ships are expected to patrol waters off Gaza to thwart arms smuggling.

That's only part of the source of their weapons caches. More advanced weapons have to be smuggled into Gaza, but the kassam rockets are produced in Gaza proper. I've previously asserted that Hamas builds kassams using fertilizer and sugar, both of which are provided courtesy of Israel in humanitarian aid shipments.

Here's video showing a terror cell producing a kassam rocket using those very materials. (HT: My Right Word)

Also note the audio during the production of the explosives. There are children playing within the recording distance of the microphone. The kassam is being built in an apartment within what is likely a nondescript residential building and these terrorists are putting those civilians lives in danger.

When you hear about Palestinian work accidents, you can now understand how that happens. Look at how these terrorists test to see whether they've properly mixed up the explosive. They set it off in the same room where they're building the rocket. If the ignited mixture hits the wrong item, everything goes boom.

Hamas wants to have its cake and eat it too. They wouldn't mind seeing the border crossings with Israel reopened, since it would open up the opportunity to bring in far more materials needed for their war effort. They openly state that they're interested in a hudna with Israel, not a real and lasting ceasefire, which is why it was such a mistake for Israel to stop its operations inside Gaza.

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