Monday, December 29, 2008

From the Mouth of Babes

Who is responsible for the violence in Gaza asks the media?

The answer, coming from a Palestinian girl injured in the latest attacks?


Perhaps there is hope still for the Palestinians to come to their senses and send Hamas packing once and for all. It will still take Israel's full force and might coming down hard on Hamas to kill and destroy the Hamas infrastructure, but a lasting improvement in the security of Israel and improved economic and social opportunities will come only when the Palestinians themselves recognize that terrorism will not improve their lot in life; Israel will not disappear; and the terror masters cannot be appeased with the blood of Palestinian children as they had done for generations.

Note too that this girl was interviewed by Fatah's media mavens, which means that it is quite likely that it is so much propaganda as anything Hamas would produce. The result is still jarring those who think that the real enemy here is Israel. Fatah knows that demonizing Hamas is the first step in reclaiming ascendancy in Gaza. Israel would take that trade.

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