Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Thai Islamists Wound and Maim Dozens In Market Bombing

Some reports indicate at least 70 were injured in a series of explosions in Thailand. MSNBC is reporting 62 are hurt:
Three bombs ripped through a tea stall and shopping area Tuesday in insurgency-wracked southern Thailand, wounding at least 62 people, police said.

It was the largest attack in months in Thailand's restive south, which has been gripped by a Muslim insurgency since 2004.

Two bombs exploded in the parking lot of a fruit market in Narathiwat province at about noon local time, followed minutes later by a third bomb outside a tea shop in the same province, said Narathiwat police chief Maj. Gen. Surachai Suebsuk.
The Islamists will not stop until they have dominion over the South of Thailand. The Thai government has alternated between crackdown and appeasement, and neither approach has worked.

The first bomb went off, injuring dozens. A second smaller bomb went off as rescuers arrived on the scene. That indicates that the terrorists behind the attack sought to kill and wound those responding to help those first stricken by their bombs.

The Times of London reports that there is invariably a murder a day due to the Islamists carrying out their jihad in the South.

The Islamists target teachers and were out in force yesterday, the first day of classes.
In Narthiwat's Bacho district, a roadside bomb aimed at eight-man security details securing a rural road leading to a local public school. No injuries were reported.

Authorities immediately unleashed 80-strong personnel to conduct a mop up operation but came out with no information leading to the attackers.

Sanugan Inthrak, chairman of Federation of Narathiwat Teachers said he was satisfied with the overall level of security provided to the teachers.

In Srisakorn district of the same province, Che-mamah Che, 66, the owner of a local teashop, was shot dead in front of about five customers. His body was riddled with four bullets from a gunman who was riding pillion on a motorbike and fired at close range.

In Yala's Than To district, a combined forces of about 50 security personnel cut off villagers in this highly contested district to carry out what appeared to be a blind sweep. Two men were taken in for questioning from the operation.

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