Saturday, October 18, 2008

Simple Questions

Just how many fraudulent registrations need to be submitted in order for the media and election officials to realize that ACORN's fraudulently submitted votes are significant? How many fraudulent votes need to be cast before alarm bells go off?

Why is there not a zero tolerance for fraudulently submitted registrations, since that reduces the chances for fraudulently cast votes?

Why is there not zero tolerance for fraudulently cast votes?

Instead, we get election officials and media elites trying to downplay ACORN's nationwide efforts in pushing fraudulent registrations. How exactly does that ensure that all votes are cast legitimately, accurately, and protects the rights of legitimate voters to cast ballots secure in the knowledge that each person gets one vote?

Meanwhile, you've got the Obama campaign pushing to get a special investigation going into Republican claims of ACORN's voter fraud. The campaign wants to investigate the investigators into ACORN's dubious tactics. That's despite all the ties between ACORN and the Obama campaign, up to and including ACORN outlets in parts of the country publicly running ads for people to sign up to get the vote out for Obama and canvassing for Obama, despite ACORN's claims that they are a nonpartisan outlet.

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