Thursday, October 30, 2008

Phillies Win World Series; Philly Fans As Classy As Ever

By now, you've heard that the Philadelphia Phillies have won the World Series, defeating the Tampa Bay Rays 4 games to 1 after winning a delayed fifth game 4-3 last night. Congratulations to the team. Your city doesn't deserve it.

Because nothing says World Series champions like overturned cars:

Philly fans engaged in their usual classy fashion, including robbing a bank to pay for new World Series championship gear.
But one fan may have taken his devotion a bit too far when police say he robbed a bank and later allegedly funded a shopping spree for Phillies gear with the stolen cash.

About 10 a.m. yesterday, a man, who police did not identify, entered a PNC Bank on Welsh Road near Roosevelt Boulevard and slipped the teller a demand note.

Shortly after, the man, wearing a red and gray hat pulled down over his face and a beige hoodie, fled westbound on Welsh with an undisclosed amount of cash, said a detective from Northeast Detectives.

About 20 minutes later, cops found the suspect, who police have not identified, a few miles away coming out of the Modell's Sporting Goods store at the Roosevelt Mall, Cottman and Bustleton avenues.

Police did not confirm whether the man was wearing Phillies gear or not. But authorities said they later recovered cash in a nearby trash bin.

Witnesses positively identified the suspect and police carted the robber off, assuring that the ardent fan would miss watching the Phillies duke it out against the Tampa Bay Rays in Game 5.
Other fans went crazy.

Still more Philly fans decided to trash the city; overturning cars, setting fires, rioting, and doing what Philly fans are best known for - acting like a bunch of unruly surly people.

Michelle Malkin links. Thanks! She also has video of the car torching sessions.

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