Friday, October 31, 2008

Murtha Seeks Million Bucks To Save Campaign

Go pound sand. Rep. John Murtha (D-PA) is going to lose his supposedly safe seat in Congress because he has revealed himself to be an unmitigated jackass who believes that his constituents are racist idiots who will not vote for Sen. Barack Obama on the basis of Obama's skin color. He believes that the residents of his corner of Pennsylvania are racists and rednecks.

People don't take kindly to being called racists, and they will take their ire out on the guy who claims to represent these very folks, Murtha. He's hoping to get someone to donate $1 million so that he can save his seat in the House. Murtha had been ahead in polling up until those inane comments, and since then he's been scrambling to hold on to his seat.

Murtha's opponent is Republican Lt. Colonel Bill Russell (US Army ret.). As far as I can tell, Russell hasn't called his prospective constituents idiots, racists, rednecks, or shot off his mouth and accused Marines of being cold blooded murderers as Murtha did in commenting on the Haditha incident. Murtha is facing lawsuits over his slander and libel of the Marines involved.

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