Friday, October 17, 2008

The Left: Joe Must Go

It began not long after the video surfaced showing Joe Wurzelbacher question Sen. Barack Obama on his tax and spend schemes to which Obama responded that he wanted to share and spread the wealth - clear indications of his socialist intentions.

The media and the leftists online began a concerted attempt to try and destroy the man who outed Obama on the most important issue of the day - economics.

Now, the story isn't about Obama's socialism, but whether Joe is a licensed plumber, whether he's paid his taxes, say that it's not his real name (he's going by his middle name), question whether he's registered to vote (he is), and it all points to how anyone can dare question Obama's intentions or expose that he's a socialist in word and deed.

Joe is now being vetted by the media in ways that they haven't done to Obama or his staffers.

After all, how is it that one of Obama's staffers has tax liens in multiple states? The media isn't nearly as curious as to Obama's ties to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, despite calling on Raines and Johnson - and Johnson was on his VP search selection committee.

As I noted immediately after the video surfaced, a plumber shall lead the charge against Obama's socialism, and now Obama's friends in the media and online are doing all they can to destroy the person who revealed Obama's intentions.

Leftist loons are publishing Joe's address online - all in the name of what? They want to destroy this man's life. It's an explicit display of the left's intolerance and thuggish behavior, which has been present all along, but has found new life because of the manner and timing in which Joe exposed Obama for who he is and what he stands for.

This strategy will absolutely backfire on Obama and the left. The stifling of dissent, of mere questioning Obama on his policies, is not going to resonate with most Americans. They will see it as bullying and intimidation to get people to avoid asking tough questions of their elected leaders and prospective politicians. Most Americans actually relate to Joe, which makes the attacks on him appear as attacks on all hard-working Americans.

To riff on a theme that Instapundit is often fond of saying: they said that when Bush was elected, those who question politician's motives would be crushed - and they were right - only that it is the media and left that is trying to crush those who have the audacity to ask pointed questions of elected leaders and those who wish to be President of the US.

Ed Morrissey notes that there is a stench of desperation to all this. He is right; the left knows that people in this country have a serious distrust of socialism and redistribution of their hard earned wealth. Obama has tried to hide his intentions and a compliant media that does not question his policies aids and abets Obama in seeking the office of the Presidency. How is it that no one in the media could ask the question that Joe did, along with the follow up that resulted when Obama revealed that he was intent upon spreading the wealth - code for socialism?

Others weighing in on the media's actions and the left's insistence that Joe must be destroyed: The Anchoress, Jammie, and Sister Toldjah.

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