Sunday, October 19, 2008

Is There A Doctor In The House? Kim Il Jung Death Rumors Begin Anew

Well, once again we're getting reports that North Korean dictator, Kim Il Jung, has died. Supposedly the North Korean government will be making some kind of major announcement tomorrow. If we start hearing North Korean media outlets spontaneously begin crying and over-emotional outbursts, we'll know that he's dead.

That, of course, leaves one wondering who's in charge, and what will come of the ongoing discussions with the West and the US over North Korea's nuclear program. The country can barely feed its people, but they've pulled out all the stops to build a nuclear weapons program and a military industrial complex.

The reports are so far unsubstantiated by the South Koreans, who watch their northern enemy quite closely. The reason for all the rumors?
On Sunday, Japan's Sankei newspaper reported that the Japanese government had information North Korea would issue an "important announcement" on Monday and that it could be about Kim's death or a government change induced by a coup. North Korea will also ban foreigners from entering the country starting Monday, the Sankei said.

The report, which cited unidentified Japanese Defense Ministry sources, came a day after Japan's largest newspaper, the Yomiuri, said North Korea had ordered its diplomats abroad to be on standby for an important announcement.

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