Friday, October 24, 2008

Don't Take My Word

Read what the Democrats have planned for what they assume will be an Obama victory in two weeks:

  1. Massive tax increases.
  2. Massive cuts in defense spending. Defense spending cuts on the order of 25%? Are you kidding me? Thanks Barney Frank. You're not only responsible for aiding and abetting the toxic paper scandal by pushing lenders to give loans to subprime borrowers without regard to the ability to repay, you now want to gut America's national defense.
  3. Democrats are considering playing Socialism: Take 401(k).
None of this is sound policy judgment, but yet that is precisely the direction Democrats want to head. The most extreme elements of the Democratic party are hoping that an Obama presidency gives them the opportunity to remake the government in their distorted image.

Let's also point out that the most ethical Congress ever (as claimed by none other than Speaker Nancy Pelosi) continues to do nothing about Tim Mahoney (or delve into what Rahm Emanuel knew and when he knew), Charlie (I'm the tax man, but wont pay my taxes) Rangel, William (Cold Cash) Jefferson, or investigate the toxic paper meltdown until after the elections precisely because so many Democrats are up to their necks in enabling that mess.

Do we really want these people in charge:

These people are not for honest leadership, for if they were, Rangel would have been tossed from his chairmanship, Jefferson would have been booted, and the Democrats would have disassociated themselves from Mahoney. Instead, we've got Pelosi enabling these corrupt politicians by dragging her feet and doing nothing to stop the cesspool of corruption among her own caucus.

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