Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Bottom Story of the Day

Waitresses who wear the skimpy outfits at the Hawaiian Tropic Restaurant are suing owners for $600 million claiming they are getting sexually harassed.
The lawsuit claims supervisors groped and sexually harassed the staff regularly, and a former manager raped one of the plaintiffs in a cab in September 2006. The lawsuit says she reported the incident to police seven months later, and the manager was fired. It's unclear whether he was charged with any crime.

The eatery advertises itself as ``The Hottest Place on Earth'' and urges patrons to vote for their favorite bikini-clad waitresses.
That $600 million sure grabs headlines, but it's doubtful that the waitresses will get anywhere near that amount if they can prove their claims in court. It's more likely that the case will settle out of court for considerably less than that.

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