Thursday, October 09, 2008

ACORN's Voter Registration Scam Endangers Your Right To Vote

ACORN, Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, is a radical leftist group that claims to want affordable housing for all, but is fully involved in getting out the vote, getting out the vote illegally that is.
Barkley estimated he'd registered to vote "10 to 15" times after canvassers for ACORN, whose political wing has endorsed Barack Obama, relentlessly pursued him and others.

Claims such as his have sparked election officials to probe ACORN.

"I kept getting approached by folks who asked me to register," Barkley said. "They'd ask me if I was registered. I'd say yes, and they'd ask me to do it [register] again.

"Some of them were getting paid to collect names. That was their sob story, and I bought it," he said.

Barkley is one of at least three people who have been subpoenaed by the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections as part of a wider inquiry into possible voter fraud by ACORN. The group seeks to register low-income voters, who skew overwhelmingly Democratic.

"You can tell them you're registered as many times as you want - they do not care," said Lateala Goins, 21, who was subpoenaed.

"They will follow you to the buses, they will follow you home, it does not matter," she told The Post.

She added that she never put down an address on any of the registration forms, just her name.

A third subpoenaed voter, Freddie Johnson, 19, filled out registration cards 72 times over 18 months, officials said.
For those who aren't paying attention, those three folks are located in the swing state of Ohio.

Guess who else has ties to ACORN.

Yup. You guessed it, none other than the community organizer himself, Sen. Barack Obama. His campaign has given $800,000 to ACORN, despite knowing that ACORN has a long history of engaging in voter fraud.

Keep that in mind when you hear the New York Times says that there isn't voter fraud.

Acorn is under investigation in multiple jurisdictions. They're being investigated in Nevada where a fraud investigation is underway, including Las Vegas (where they claim no wrongdoing).

Further, investigations are open in Connecticut, Missouri, Wisconsin, Ohio, and Indiana. In all, ACORN is being investigated in 15 states. Keep that in mind when you read the media reports claiming that there isn't voter fraud or that states are taking away your right to vote by trying to clear the rolls of bogus registrations.

As I've previously noted, ACORN's role in the subprime meltdown is significant since they helped pressure banks into lending to those individuals who had no capacity to repay. This organization engages in rampant election fraud on a systemic basis to further its political objectives.

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