Saturday, September 06, 2008

What Does Gov. Palin Owe To Media

Don Surber asks an interesting question. What does Governor Palin owe the media. He responds nothing even as the media pundits decide otherwise (and here).

While Palin doesn't owe the media anything, she does owe the American people something - to let us get to know her better.

Democrats can and will use and are using the fact that she has yet to appear on the Sunday shows as proof that she's little more than an empty skirt. The McCain campaign is going to have to send her on those shows sooner or later to respond. I think it will be sooner.

There is something to be said for having a positive relationship with the media, and running a campaign wholly on the basis that the media is the enemy will sooner or later backfire, because the media will stop at nothing to be proven right since they can outlast the politician on the national stage.

Still, those Sunday show hosts will likely find themselves sorry for it because they'll get their hats handed to them (although the ratings will likely be among the highest in the history of those shows). So, even if the talk show hosts lose, they win in big ratings.

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