Monday, September 08, 2008

MSNBC's Olbermann and Matthews Out of Election Coverage

So long Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann. Your viewers, such as they were, will have to find you somewhere other than in the network's election coverage.

Why? Well, pervasive and overt bias in favor of Sen. Barack Obama. It was that tingly feeling that Matthews got from Obama that seemed to do him in. Expect to hear lots of calls from the usual suspects on the Left that this is a move by the "conservative neo-cons" to shut down the Left. That's nonsense of course.

MSNBC had no choice under the circumstances because of the overt partisanship was getting in the way of the delivery of the news. The news was secondary to these two. Both had to deliver their opinions and clearly favored Obama over everyone else. Olbermann is known for his sardonic shtick that he developed while as a teleprompter reader at ESPN (it's deep and I don't think Olbermann is playable) and I'm still wondering how he ever got a show outside of ESPN.

David Gregory will replace these two in the network's coverage going forward. That's a huge improvement.

It didn't take long. The Daily Kos crowd is already in an uproar. Heh.

Bob Owens calls this a reality check, though he too notes that the "progressives" have taken this removal quite personally. Let's not forget that Olbermann regularly posts at Daily Kos, and this will give the opportunity to spend much more time there in the fever swamps working on his "Oh" face.

and Scared Monkeys also weighs in.

Stop the ACLU wades into the fever swamps of the Democratic Underground to take a sampling of the inanities.

This is getting quite a reaction via memeorandum.

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