Friday, August 08, 2008

Resolved: The McGreevey Divorce Ruling

New Jersey's long nightmare is nearly over. In a few hours (1PM EDT), we'll learn the terms of the divorce decree between disgraced former Governor Jim McGreevey (D) and his wife Dina Matos.

I have no sympathy for either of these two.

I worry about their kids. Their parents engaged in all manner of smears and outed their private lives for all the world to see. Jim McGreevey used his pronouncement that he was a gay American to cover for the fact that he put a close friend (and supposed lover), Golan Cipel, into a position to become the state's homeland security director even though he lacked experience and wasn't even a US citizen. Graft, corruption, and greed brought down McGreevey's governorship, not his sex life.

The sex angle was the one played to divert attention to the far more serious egregious acts of mismanaging the state and playing favorites with the state's security.

As I've said before, McGreevey did so to deflect attention from the fact that he was a corrupt governor who treated pay to play like it was an EZ-Pass lane.

Jim wont have to pay Dina any alimony. He will have to pay $1,075 per month in child support ($250 per week). Each side will be responsible for their own health insurance and Jim will be responsible for the kids' health insurance until they are emancipated. The full verdict is here and the annexed opinion here.

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