Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Obama's Ayers Problem

While Sen. Barack Obama would like people to think that he was only eight years old when Bill Ayers carried out his terrorist attacks as part of the Weather Underground, the question that he never quite addresses is why he decided to stick around Ayers for years.

Ayers remains unrepentant to this day over what he and his terror buddies did. In fact, he thinks that they didn't do enough, and that what they did was nothing in comparison to what the government has done around the world in the years since. This is an odious position to associate with, and Obama would be wise to disassociate from Ayers and his pals, but the problem is that Obama probably doesn't see anything wrong with what Ayers did.

In fact, Ayers thinks that history will prove his terrorist minions right. Sure. Actually, the only way that happens is if those historians engage in serious revisionist history of what Ayers and the Weather Underground did, which isn't that far fetched given that Ayers has pushed his ideology into the mainstream of academia with a university appointment and who has watched several other of his fellow terrorists embraced by universities around the country. They get to peddle their venomous ideology to another generation of students, despite the fact that these people sought to overthrow the government and used terrorism as their weapon of choice.

So, while Obama would like people to think he was not associated with the Ayers during his active terrorist years, Ayers never recanted or changed his worldview. Ayers has consistently stuck to the view that the US government can do no right and must be overthrown. With that in mind, Obama and Ayers were both involved in the Chicago Annenberg Challenge (CAC) where they worked closely over a period of at least six years - from 1995 through 2001. That's not when Obama was eight years old. That's when he was an adult and knew, or had reason to know, who Ayers was and what he represented. From 1995 through 1999, Obama was the chairman of the organization, and remained on the board through the CAC dissolution in 2001.

Did Obama engage in wilful indifference to what Ayers did and what he stood for? What he still stands for even today?

The CAC document drop yesterday doesn't help Obama in the slightest. It portrays the CAC as misguided and throwing money around without knowing actually what the money was for, who it went to, and whether it did any good for student achievement. The only thing that comes from these documents is that Obama and Ayers gave away millions to people who have similar worldviews, and there was no tangible achievement. As Dan Riehl summarizes:
It cannot be emphasized enough that these evaluations speak directly to the only real world executive experience of a gifted rhetorician with incredibly light political experience, hardly any of it at the national level. That he suddenly somehow fancies himself ready and able to become the chief executive of the United States is a bad joke. Based on these evaluations, it's doubtful he is qualified for a mid-level administrative position within a school district in a mid-sized town.
The CAC was a failure, and with Obama as the chairman of the board from 1995 through 1999, it makes you wonder exactly how that experience makes Obama qualified to lead any organization, let alone the United States of America.

The thing of it is, why would we want to have a candidate whose knowingly associated with unrepentant terrorists who repeatedly sought to overthrow the government, and who continue to preach such actions to this day.

Michelle Malkin has more on Ayers, who also happens to be a habitual liar. Well, given that he's a terrorist, lying is easy.

Andy McCarthy pulls Ayers on the carpet for whitewashing his intentions to kill Americans - including American soldiers. Ayers was the bomb designer for the terrorist group, and he was designing bombs with nails for shrapnel. They had planned to blow up one such bomb at Fort Dix - to kill US soldiers. It happened to be that bomb that blew up the terror group's Greenwich Village lair, killing three of the terrorists, including Ayers' then girlfriend.

Still more evidence that Ayers had no problem seeking to murder people, including women and children. In this case, it was John Murtaugh, whose father was presiding over a court case involving Black Panthers, who were indicted for a plot to bomb buildings all over New York City.

The Weather Underground terrorists used three firebombs - two on the Murtaugh house, and one on the Murtaugh's car. And after that, the Murtaughs had to have police escorts for fear of further attacks.

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