Wednesday, August 13, 2008

9.5 On Weird-O-Meter

The Iranians have been plenty busy trying to get the world to think that they've got missiles that work and have super long ranges, but which are nothing more than photo edits, super submarines of all kinds, including stealth subs, and weapons that give the Iranians an edge should they attack the US or Israel.

If anything, the Iranians excel at crazy-brave. Or is it crazy stupid because they're risking war that would mean the end of the Iranian regime because their opponents in the form of the US or Israel are vastly superior to the Iranian military.

Well, it seems that they also have an interior minister who claimed to have an honorary degree from Oxford. Oxford called him on it.

So, what did this brainiac do? He pulled out the degree and showed the world.

Saying that it had spelling and grammatical errors wouldn't do this justice.
But in the certificate, "entitled" is misspelled "intitled," and it says Kordan was granted the degree "to be benefitted from its scientific privileges."

The clumsily worded document says Kordan "has shown a great effort in preparing educational materials and his research in the domain of comparative law,that has opened a new chapter,not only in our university,but, to our knowledge,in this country" - leaving out spaces after all but one of the commas. It was published in several Iranian papers this week.

Oxford said in its statement that it "has no record of Mr. Ali Kordan receiving an honorary doctorate or any other degree from the university." It added that the three professors whose alleged signatures are on the certificate have all held posts at the university at some stage but none of them work in the field of law and none would sign degree certificates.
Ahmadinejad defends this guy claiming that degrees are torn paper and not worth the paper they're printed on. That figures too. These clowns are dangerous to everyone around them - megalomaniacs who seek nothing less than Armageddon to bring about Islamic religious prophesies.

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