Saturday, July 26, 2008

Resuming the Palestinian Civil War

Five Hamas thugs and a young girl died in an explosion in Gaza, and Hamas promptly rounded up 120 Fatah thugs in response. This is only the latest in a series of "mysterious" explosions in Gaza that have sent thugs to the morgue.

I can't say that I'm shocked or surprised by any of these developments.

Hamas and Fatah are no closer to sharing power now than they were months ago when they were routinely trying to kill each other as Hamas took over Gaza from Fatah.

Now, Gaza is firmly in Hamas control, but those mysterious explosions keep happening.
Friday's blast next to a car used by the armed wing of Hamas killed three gunmen and the girl, and two others later died of their wounds in hospital, Gaza's ruling Palestinian Islamist group and medical officials said.

The blast, the third of its kind in a day, marked one of the biggest flare-ups in internal Gaza violence since Hamas routed the forces of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas' secular Fatah faction to seize control of the territory a year ago.

Abbas, finding his authority limited to the occupied West Bank, split with Hamas and revived peace efforts with Israel. He recently sought reconciliation with his Islamist rivals but they have balked at his precondition that they give up Gaza.

Hamas's armed wing issued a statement blaming "members of the fugitive party"—a derogatory term for Fatah—for Friday night's blast at a major junction outside Gaza City. Fatah denied involvement and said it was part of Hamas infighting.
Internal violence = Palestinian civil war

Leading Hamas thug Haniyeh is busy calling Fatah terrorists traitors for not going after Israel hard and fast. Well, Fatah is considered the moderate terrorist group among this bunch.

Also, it appears that Hamas terrorists got annoyed because Fatah terrorists cheered at the Hamas casualties. Well, I consider it just desserts. Now Hamas knows how Israelis feel every day when Hamas, Fatah and their offshoots are busy trying to kill Israelis.
Hamas operatives were incensed by Fatah's blatant displays of joy after the blast, particularly in the West Bank.

The Palestinian Authority's official television network broadcast footage of the explosion's aftermath set to victory medleys and odes to Fatah, as well as songs condemning dictators and criminals. Hamas understands the broadcast as an official admission of guilt by its rival faction.

Sources in Gaza believe that the recent developments would irrevocably impact on the already volatile relationship between Hamas and the few in Gaza who remain loyal to Fatah.

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