Friday, June 20, 2008

The Pat Buchanan Problem

Pat Buchanan continues to get significant airtime on places like Fox News and websites like, despite an ongoing and recurring theme of revisionist history and anti-Semitism.

His latest pablum, as found on (and may have been subsequently pulled or limited in access - see LGF for the details) is a revisionist history take that claims that Hitler didn't actually intend the Holocaust and the genocide of six million Jews.

People like Sean Hannity give Buchanan ample airtime in which to discuss all manner of political issues facing the country on a daily basis, and yet they do not question him over his odious positions. That has to change.

I would suggest that for those people who are sufficiently upset over Buchanan's prominence in the media to step up and write to those media outlets, specifically Fox, Sean Hannity, and Townhall, to express your displeasure about giving Buchanan an outlet.

His brand of revisionism and hatred has no place in the media:
I am writing to express my extreme displeasure of knowing that you continue to give Pat Buchanan airtime and an outlet for exposure despite his ongoing rewriting of history and anti-Semitic attitudes.

He has repeatedly made statements that are offensive, including that Hitler didn't actually set out to kill the Jews. That couldn't be further from the historical record, which shows that Hitler was very interested in doing just that, and expanded his interests in doing so as he accumulated power and Germany's war machine overran vast Jewish populations in Poland and Russia.

The Holocaust was inevitable because people did not choose to stand up against the evil of Hitler when they had the chance, not because we didn't give in to his demands.

While Buchanan was once a speechwriter and politically connected Republican whose views made him a one-time presidential candidate, he should be rightfully shunned for his anti-Semitic and revisionist history. He has no place in being prominently promoted on your outlet.

Thank you for your prompt attention.


I've submitted a version of this letter to Sean Hannity, who frequently has Buchanan appear as a guest, Hugh Hewitt, whose blog appears on, and the folks at We'll let you know if a response is forthcoming.

Gateway Pundit lays into Buchanan and those who post his anti-Semitic revisionist rantings. So does IrishSpy.

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