Friday, June 06, 2008

Obama Thinks Funding For "Unproven" Missile Defense Systems Should Be Cut

Funny, but they look proven to me. Indeed, they worked pretty damned well when we needed them to work in a test that went beyond their original capabilities when we had to take out an errant satellite. Some American ingenuity and hard work by the US military, and we took out that satellite, and we've been conducting tests of anti-missile systems for some time now with good results.

Yet, Sen. Barack Obama continues the Left's long tradition of undermining US national security by claiming that we should cut these programs even as nations like North Korea and Iran pursue long range missile systems that could eventually mate with their nuclear programs. The full speech can be found here. The key bit is below, with a little extra emphasis and background:

That the producer of that video uses Metallica is bonus.

HT: Ace of Spades for the video, whose author can be found here.

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