Monday, June 30, 2008

Mugabe Lauded As Hero By African Union

“We have even received Mugabe as a hero,” he told reporters. “We understand the attacks (by the international community) but this is not the way they should react. What they’ve done is, in our opinion, a little clumsy, and we think they could have consulted us (the AU) first.”
Those were words uttered by Omar Bongo, President of Gabon, and a member of the African Union, which hailed the news of Mugabe's "election win."

Let that sink in folks.

Mugabe, who is nothing more than a dictator having stolen democracy from Zimbabweans, is a hero to these tools at the AU. And we're supposed to think that the AU will force Mugabe from office because Mugabe stole the election?

Isn't it amazing how Mugabe could declare victory hours after the runoff votes were cast, but he never provided results of the original election? He stole the election, and the AU is putting its rubber stamp on the process.

Of course, it helps when you terrorize the opposition and force them into hiding and into the Dutch Embassy.

The AU and South Africa in particular have done nothing but enable Mugabe in his totalitarian power grab.

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