Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Mugabe Arrests Opposition Leader

Is there anyone who is actually surprised at this turn of events? I'm not.

Robert Mugabe is a thug who is doing everything imaginable to remain in power. That includes arresting opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai and his entourage.
Zimbabwe opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai and several of his top lieutenants were detained by police on Wednesday in the approach to a key run-off presidential election on June 27, his party said.

“He has been taken into a charge office in Lupane,” southwestern Zimbabwe, chief Movement for Democratic Change spokesman Nelson Chamisa told AFP.

“It’s the whole entourage of the president, including his security personnel and other senior party officials.”

Others arrested included the party’s deputy leader Thokozani Khupe and MDC chairman Lovemore Moyo.

“They have not given us any reason for the arrest,” added Chamisa. “The police just said our bosses want to see you.”
The reason for the arrest is all too clear. Mugabe wants to remain in power, and Tsvangirai and his associates are standing in the way of that happening.

This, despite losing the parliamentary elections, and vote rigging and claims that Mugabe has prevented the release of the presidential election results that would have shown him losing (as claimed by Tsvangirai).

Tsvangirai was eventually released after being detained for nine hours. That kind of harassment is not going to endear Mugabe with the Zimbabweans, though it will certainly keep the opposition on their toes. The police have banned his rallies, claiming that they couldn't guarantee his security, which is a neat trick considering that it is Mugabe's thugs who are the ones threatening violence.

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