Tuesday, May 13, 2008

West Virginia Goes to the Polls

It's expected that Sen. Hillary Clinton will win West Virginia in convincing fashion, but the pundits are already claiming that she has no chance of winning the nomination or overcoming the insurmountable lead in the popular vote held by Obama.

Scott Rassmussen is no longer providing daily updates to the polls between Obama and Clinton, as he's declared things over.

Clinton might not be able to win things unless Obama commits a huge gaffe between now and the convention, but her continued presence showcases Obama's faults - he can't win in many parts of the country based on the demographics. He can't even get a majority of Democrats to vote for him in major states across the country.

Obama will be lucky to be within 15 points of Clinton in West Virginia. Of course, that wont matter, as the media continues to promote the Obama nomination.

Then again, would you want Whiplash Ray Nagin to throw his support behind your campaign? He's a superdelegate from Louisiana, and he's going to be supporting Obama. That's the same Mayor Nagin who is immortalized with the Ray Nagin Memorial Motor Pool, joking with firearms, and whose whiplash moniker comes from his flip flopping on providing direction in reconstruction and recovery efforts following Hurricane Katrina. He's also known for calling New Orleans a "chocolate city" and whose views on race are odious and reprehensible (which makes it a perfect fit for the Obama campaign given Obama's penchant for hanging with such people).

Quite a few Democrats want to see the campaign continue, and it looks like they'll get their wish through at least June 3.

Hillary wins handily. 2-1 margin in fact and won across all demographic groups. Obama fans in the media are going to try and ignore this race, and all the rest to come as though Obama has sown up the nomination and that his electability is all but assured. Hillary's showing continues to provide plenty of evidence that Obama isn't quite the candidate the left thinks he is, and that come the general election, they will be in for quite a rude awakening.

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