Wednesday, May 28, 2008

More Intrigue Surrounds Israeli PM Olmert

Morris Talansky, the US businessman who has admitted to giving Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert roughly $150,000 over the years says that a good portion of that amount went to his electoral campaigns while the remainder went to Olmert's personal expenses. Of those personal expenses, " least $25,000 in cash meant for a vacation in Italy and almost $5,000 to cover Mr. Olmert’s bill at a Washington hotel because Mr. Olmert’s own credit card was “maxed out,” Mr. Talansky said."

Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak has called on Olmert to step down.
"In the wake of the current situation and considering the challenges Israel faces, including Hamas, Hizbullah, Syria, Iran, the captured soldiers and the peace process, the prime minister cannot simultaneously lead the government and conduct his personal affairs," Barak told a press conference in the Knesset.

"Out of consideration for the good of the country and the accepted norms, I believe the prime minister must detach himself from the day-to-day leadership of country," continued Barak.
Of course, Barak is not a disinterested party since he too could be in line to become the next Prime Minister of Israel. Barak has already served in that capacity, and was involved in the 2000 Camp David deal that Palestinian Authority leader Yasir Arafat couldn't even dignify with a counterproposal and whose minions launched right into another intifada.

It should never have come to this as Olmert should have been thrown out of office following his disastrous handling of the Hizbullah war and his ongoing failures to deal with the Gaza rocket war.

Meryl Yourish notes that a countdown clock should be in order. Still, Olmert has managed to stay in power despite the Winograd report, the rocket war, and the ongoing corruption investigation. This guy is better coated in Teflon than even John Gotti.

Olmert has turned around and slammed Barak for calling for Olmert's resignation. Pot, meet kettle.

Meanwhile, Foreign Minister Lipni thinks that she's going to have a shot at being Prime Minister, so she's busy putting forth statements like this.

All this comes as rockets and mortars continue slamming into Israel from Gaza. It's hilarious listening to the likes of Desmond Tutu complaining about Israel's defensive measures as the rockets and mortars keep slamming into Israeli homes, businesses, and farms. He's busy complaining that the Israeli blockade of Gaza is illegal, ignoring the fact that Hamas has openly declared war on Israel and seeks its destruction, and that Gaza is being blockaded by not only Israel, but Egypt as well. No one wants anything to do with the Palestinians in Gaza because they intend nothing but death and misery on those around them.

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