Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Gaza Suffers At Hands of Terrorists Again

The Palestinians love to blame Israel for all their woes, but the sad reality is that their own leaders - the terrorists in Hamas and Fatah should shoulder the entire blame.

They regularly condone terrorist attacks against Israel regardless of the damage done to the Palestinian people. A massive suicide truck bomb that detonated at Erez Crossing last week also happened to sever two of the seven power trunk lines that provide electricity to much of Gaza. That means that hundreds of thousands of Palestinians are without water or electricity. Israeli authorities are working to restore the power links, but have to take their security situation into account.

The ongoing threat of suicide bombings and terror attacks against the four crossings is forcing the Israelis to consider shutting down or realigning the crossings to create buffer areas. Expect the Palestinians to complain about this as well.

Watch for the Palestinians to blame Israel for these circumstances. It's only a matter of time.

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