Sunday, May 11, 2008

Fossella Wont Fold

Despite the fact that Republican Vito Fossella was arrested for a DUI in Virginia and later was outed as having an affair and love-child with another woman, Fossella is determined to run again for office.
"I got every indication that he plans to run again," said Guy Molinari, Fossella's political mentor, who's been in close contact with the embattled 43-year-old politician.

Fossella is up for re-election in November.

"He's not just inclined to run. He plans on running," said Molinari, a former congressman and Staten Island borough president who was succeeded by Fossella as the de facto leader of the borough's GOP.

Fossella's statements not only defy national party leaders, who have said they will not back him, but suggest the congressman may be in denial.

He even expressed shock that other Republicans are eyeing his seat.

"What's this all about?" Fossella asked Molinari, of news reports naming potential GOP candidates.

He said he was "surprised" and "puzzled" that party colleagues are being mentioned as possible replacements, Molinari said.

Those close to Fossella continue to support him, Molinari said. "Vito is surprised and emboldened by the support he's been getting."

"He's gotten a lot of encouragement," said Molinari. "I told him nobody is going to run a primary against him if you decide to run again."

The congressman told Molinari he felt "pretty good" despite the public pounding he's taking over his double life.

Fossella confessed last week to having a 3-year-old daughter with gal pal Laura Fay, a 45-year-old retired Air Force colonel who signed him out of the drunk tank the morning after a drunken-driving arrest in Alexandria, Va. The congressman and his wife, Mary Pat, have three children.
Well, here's the thing. Governor David Paterson admitted to affairs with other women during his time as State Senator - and announced as much in preempting the story following the departure of Gov. Spitzer from the scene after Spitzer was found to have paid for call girl services.

Both Paterson and Spitzer are Democrats. So far, Fossella's only crime here is the DUI - the affair is a moral and ethical mess, but no different than Paterson's situation. In fact, Paterson's problems included being caught using campaign funds to pay for the rooms where Paterson's trysts took place.

Some point to the fact that Fossella should step down because as a "family values" candidate, he's no longer in a viable and tenable position.

I'll simply point out the hypocrisy among Democrats who are busy yapping away for Fossella to step down. Where were they when Paterson admitted not only to the affairs, but misuse of campaign funds?

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