Thursday, March 06, 2008

Kurt Westergaard Doubles Down

Westergaard is one of the cartoonists whose images were useful fodder for Islamists who whipped their parishioners into a frenzy of rage and hatred and violence. The Muslims who rioted around the world complained about the bad portrayal of Muslims and that of Mohammad all while committing all manner of violence (torching embassies and businesses, and murdering more than 50 people).

He's doubling down. As someone who is the focus of multiple death threats and fatwas and a recent assassination plot that brought out media in Denmark to republish the same cartoons in response, he's not backing down from the jihadis:

Found this interview of Westergaard at Family Security Matters, and it's quite an interesting read as he goes off on the multiculturalists that enable Islamofascism.

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