Monday, March 24, 2008

Detroit's Democrat Mayor Indicted For Perjury

I'm not surprised that Kwame Kilpatrick was indicted on multiple counts. He had this coming ever since it was revealed that he was engaging in sexually explicit text messages and his comments contradicted earlier statements:
Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, a one-time rising star and as Detroit's youngest elected leader, was charged Monday with perjury and other counts after sexually explicit text messages surfaced that appear to contradict his sworn denials of an affair with a top aide.

Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy also charged the popular yet polarizing 37-year-old mayor with obstruction of justice and misconduct in office.

Former Chief of Staff Christine Beatty, 37, who also denied under oath that she and Kilpatrick shared a romantic relationship in 2002 and 2003, was charged with perjury and obstruction of justice.

In all, Worthy authorized a 12-count criminal information.

"This case was about as far from being a private matter as one can get. Honesty and integrity in the justice system is everything. That is what this case is about," Worthy said at a news conference.

"Just when did honesty and integrity, truth and honor become traits to be mocked, downplayed, ignored, laughed at or excuses made for them? When did telling the truth become a supporting player to everything else?"

A perjury conviction could bring up to 15 years' imprisonment and force Kilpatrick to relinquish the mayor's office.
There is absolutely no surprise, however, that his political affiliation was nowhere to be found, even on FoxNews.

On MSNBC, using AP's report, nothing. The AP general feed, nothing.

As they say in the business, developing.

Don Surber has related thoughts and notes the relevance of including party affiliation, especially when some reports claim Kilpatrick was a rising star in his party (which isn't mentioned).

Ed at Hot Air notes the AP's failure to provide Kilpatrick's party affiliation and Allahpundit notes that Reuters' coverage actually headlines it, which is how the media should be running with the story. We'll see how long his party affiliation lasts in the headline before being pushed well down into the story.

Here's a .pdf of the DA's press release outlining the counts against Kilpatrick. The eight charges against Kilpatrick are conspiracy to commit obstruction of justice, obstruction of justice, misconduct of office, and four counts of perjury (2 for court proceedings and two for other than court proceedings). The perjury counts are each worth 15 years in prison. A conviction on any of the charges would be an automatic removal from office. (HT: Honorary Youper at LGF).

Let it be further noted that Kilpatrick is a superdelegate although he has not yet committed to a candidate. That saves one of the Democratic party candidates from having to distance themselves just as Hillary Clinton had to do with the Spitzer mess.

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