Sunday, February 17, 2008

Seven Nights of Rioting in Denmark

For the seventh straight night, Muslim thugs are rioting in the streets of Denmark, torching cars and businesses.
Bands of youths set fire to cars, buses and schools in Denmark on Saturday, the seventh night of rioting and vandalism in the capital Copenhagen and other Danish cities, police said on Sunday.

Four youths were arrested in the capital for suspected arson and at least 24 fires were reported across the country. Several youths were detained in Denmark's second city Aarhus in Jutland, and in Odense on Funen island.

"It is some of the same groups that have roamed the city for the last couple of nights," police operations leader Preben Jorgensen told Reuters while inspecting fire damage at Tingbjerg School in the outskirts of Copenhagen.

Hundreds of cars and a number of schools have been vandalised or burned in the past week. Police could give no reason, but said unusually mild weather and the closure of schools for a winter break might have contributed.

Authorities have arrested dozens of youths, predominantly with immigrant backgrounds.

Police said that Saturday night was calmer than earlier in the week.
The situation would be calmer still if more aggressive policing allowed the arrest of still more of these rampaging youths. Still more schools have been torched. The past week has seen 180 fires set around the country.

The police are giving no reasons, despite the fact that some in the Muslim community were thoroughly upset with the republication of the Mohammad cartoons in the aftermath of the discovery of an assassination plot against one of the cartoonists. Danish lawmakers canceled a planned trip to Iran following the latest incidents in Denmark because the Iranian parliament demanded an apology because Danish newspapers had reprinted the cartoon.

The Danes know what is at stake and refuse to give in on a foundation concept in the West: free speech. Muslims seek to subsume that concept to their own preconditions and create a law unto themselves.

Via storagemanager at LGF, Jordanian groups are looking to protest the Danish government for their protection of free speech rights for the cartoonists. Storagemanager also notes that some Iranian parliamentarians are calling for Iran to break ties with Denmark over the republication of the cartoons.

As usual, these Muslim groups are full of fury and seething over publication of cartoons, but are silent over the rampaging slaughter of jihadis who murder innocents in the name of Islam.

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