Thursday, February 07, 2008

Pathetic Apathy

I know that headlines around the country were busy talking about how heavy the turnout was and that people were really excited about the elections. Indeed, something about the numbers simply doesn't add up.

It's nothing but spin.
Taken as a percentage of all eligible voters, including the unaffiliated, the 35 percent who participated Tuesday was the most since 1940 when 41 percent voted in a state primary.
In New Jersey, only slightly more than 1/3 of registered voters actually voted in Tuesday's primary election. That's what counts as heavy turnout? Well, record turnout in a primary election was 41%, so maybe there's some truth to the assertion that turnout was heavy, when you base your numbers on such low standards.

The problem is, as it has been for decades, that too many people simply don't care to vote about one of the most important decisions entrusted to citizens in the United States - the right to determine who will govern.

It's pathetic.

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