Saturday, January 26, 2008

South Carolina Votes

Disregard the spin that is sure to come off as the day goes on. The only thing that matters at the end of the day is the total number of delegates won.

For the Democrats, Hillary Clinton is looking to obliterate John Edwards on his home turf and stave off Barack Obama, who is currently leading in the polls. Hillary is playing a ground game to avoid losing too many delegates to Obama.

Hillary is also in a "giving" mood as she wants the DNC to seat the delegates from Florida and Michigan. Nice.

It's real nice considering that neither Obama or Edwards has contested either state after listening to the DNC after they sanctioned both states for moving their primaries up against DNC party wishes. Hillary essentially ran unopposed in both states. Now, Hillary wants to have those delegates seated, which would vastly increase her delegate count. Real slick.

Over on the GOP side, things are still tight between Romney and McCain according to polls, but the delegate count shows that things aren't as close as they appear. Romney holds a small lead at the moment, but if McCain can't hold on to South Carolina, his chances dim significantly heading into Florida.

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