Friday, December 14, 2007

Icy Relations

Relations between Hamas and Fatah remain icy - Hamas kidnapped a top Fatah thug in Gaza (Palestinian civil war round x?).

Then, at a funeral for other terrorists, someone lobbed a pipe bomb in to the crowd, killing 3 and wounding 30 more.

The Palestinian terrorists again fired kassam rockets at Israel.

Israel's measured response is apparently based on the threat that if Israel goes into Gaza to root out the very terrorists that are trying to kill still more Israelis with their incessant kassam rocket and mortar attacks, Hamas would kill Gilad Shalit.

Fatah's got big problems given that so many of its thugs turned around and joined up with Hamas in Gaza during the last round of the Palestinian civil war. Throwing money at the problem isn't going to solve it.

These are the terrorists with whom Israel is supposed to make peace?

One Israeli woman was injured as that kassam rocket landed near an Israeli synogogue in Sderot.

And again. Another kassam rocket hit Israel, damaging a kibbutz factory in the Negev but thankfully no injuries.

Israel continues to get hit with rocket after rocket, and the big media outlets ignore it to focus instead on the complaints by the Palestinians over how Israel is considering construction of housing in Jerusalem. Boo hoo. Palestinian terrorists are busy trying to kill Israelis, and the Israeli government treats it like a minor irritant and not an ongoing threat to Israel's national security. The Israeli government thinks that Fatah is a partner in peace even as Fatah thugs are involved in the attacks.

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