Monday, November 12, 2007

More Profiles In Cowardice

Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) has come forward over the weekend suggesting that taxes that fund Social Security be raised if he becomes President.

He's currently a Senator of the United States. If he believes that the problem is so serious that taxes should be raised, how about introducing legislation to that effect and getting the debate going on it right now?

Well, once again, Presidential campaign politics gets in the way of real action. If he were to actually propose such a tax increase and introduce such legislation, it would tie him to that position, and it would be unacceptable on the campaign trail since he would be forever linked to a proposal for a massive tax hike (whether it is justified or not isn't going to get discussed much).

The fact is that Obama is right that Social Security funding is a mess, but if he were truly serious about fixing it, he shouldn't want or have to wait until he's elected President to act. He's in a position to start things right now - as a Senator.

Considering that he's got an empty record as Senator, it would be quite the feather in his cap were he to get something done on Social Security. However, do not expect that to happen anytime soon.

It is the same with the other Congressional candidates. They all talk about what they will do, but when you look at their record, you seen nothing but a blank slate. Candidates do not want to do anything that might tie them to a position that might affect their chances in the primaries or the general election, so they miss votes that might have consequences going forward, or they make proposals for what they'll do as President when they have more than adequate opportunity to act while in Congress.

Profiles in cowardice. (HT: Gaius at Blue Crab Boulevard)

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