Friday, November 30, 2007

Middle East Muddle

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is being too cute by half. He warns of the end of Israel if no deal with the Palestinians is made. He's got it bass-ackward of course. A deal made would end Israel because the Palestinians will not settle with or for a two-state solution. Psuedorealism among diplomats is a mental defect.

That he preconditions any such deal on Arab recognition of the Jewish character of the state of Israel is a fool's errand. That is insufficient to deter the Islamists from carrying the day against Israel.

Israel will continue to be attacked by its enemies - and the Palestinian terrorist groups Fatah and Hamas are likely to rejoin forces at some point in the future, which means that all the aid that was going to Fatah will end up in Hamas' hands. Gaza is currently in Hamas' hand, and if the terrorist attacks from Gaza do not cease and Israel takes military action against Gaza, Fatah might strike at Israel in response.

Hamas has never waivered from its position on demanding Israel's destruction. Fatah hasn't either - although they're more coy in their calls. They'd rather kill Israel through thousands of paper cuts.

Diplomacy under these circumstances is a fool's errand for Israel.

Israeli diplomats couldn't even enter through the same entrances as Arab diplomats at Annapolis and Arab diplomats couldn't be seen shaking hands with their Israeli counterparts either.

That speaks volumes to the hatred and animosity towards Israel in the Middle East.

Now, there are those who might put the onus of the latest concessions on the US strongarming the Israelis, but it is clear that Olmert is responsible for the latest moves because without his negotiations with the PA that include apparent talks over repartitioning Jerusalem and access to the Temple Mount, none of this would even be an issue.

The Israeli diplomats are stuck in psuedorealism - ignoring the facts on the ground, which include the incessant rocket and mortar attacks by Palestinians against Israel. They'll ignore the terrorists using teens to try and kill Israelis. They'll ignore the second class status in the hopes that someone will sign a piece of paper.

That piece of paper, should it be signed, will be an Israeli death warrant because it will signal to the Islamists that they can fatally strike at Israel without repercussions. The only thing working against the Palestinians and Islamists is that they've always missed the opportunity to strike because of their impeccible timing. They never know when to take an Israeli deal, and bide their time before they strike - instead lashing out on a regular basis.

It's an intolerable situation for Israel, but Israel continues to push ahead nonetheless. Arabs read this as a sign of Israeli weakness, and seek to exploit it. This ongoing situation is going to result in a continuing death toll on both sides of the Arab-Israeli divide.

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