Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Iranians Continue Brutah Morality Crackdown

Tehran, 21 Nov. (AKI) – Iranian police responsible for moral crimes have announced death sentences for 50 people in the latest clampdown on what the authorities term as "immoral behaviour".

"Fifty of the 3,400 people arrested for immorality in recent weeks, have been condemned to death," said General Ahmad Roozbahani, who is in-charge of moral crimes.

While announcing that arrests would continue, the Iranian general said that 53 percent of those arrested were aged between 17 and 25 years.

He said 5 percent of those arrested in the moralisation campaign, which began in March, were minors under the age of 17.
The Iranians are no better than the Saudis in the morals and law department. They're just as brutal and vicious in trying to clamp down on anyone who exhibits the slightest bit of deviation from their strict interpretations of Islamic law.

HT: Ringo the Gringo at LGF

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