Monday, October 22, 2007

Spitzer Striking Out

Gov. Eliot Spitzer (D-NY) is losing support among fellow Democrats at what should be an alarming pace over his plan to provide illegal aliens with drivers licenses.

This should be a clarion call for all American politicians who think that extending privileges and rights afforded US citizens to illegal aliens is the only way to proceed on the issue to rethink their position.

New York Democrats are urging Spitzer to rethink the position because people realize that giving illegal aliens drivers licenses is a horrendous idea that will actually make the situation worse. It will not make the streets safer. It will enable illegals to gain access to services and identification documents that can and will be used for nefarious purposes.
A half-dozen senior Democrats told The Post that Spitzer's licensing plan is producing what one called "a mass exodus" away from the party's candidates that may lead to unexpected losses in November's local elections.

They are also warning that growing voter unhappiness with Spitzer on the licensing and other issues - illustrated in several recent polls - could carry into next year and end the Democrats' hope of winning control of the GOP-dominated state Senate.

"The driver's-license issue is a killer for us in the suburbs," a senior party strategist said.

"The Nassau County Legislature is in danger, and so are the big Buffalo races," said a prominent elected Democratic official, referring to election battles to retain slim, Democratic control in Nassau County and carry hotly fought contests for county executive and clerk in Erie County.

Another senior Democrat predicted that Sen. Clinton, who has repeatedly refused to say whether she backs Spitzer's plan, would soon be forced to reject it.

"The immigrant license issue is one of the most politically dangerous in the nation, and Hillary will have to come out against it," the Democrat said.
If these traditionally Democrat strongholds are wavering over this issue, you can bet that areas that have mixed Democrat/GOP demographics are going to lean even more heavily for the GOP. At a time when the NYS GOP is in shambles, Spitzer is doing all he can to eliminate the sizeable Democratic advantage as quickly as possible.

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