Thursday, October 18, 2007

Feckless Democrat Smear Garners Bids Over 100k $500,000! on eBay

Brian at Radio Equalizer notes that the auction run by Rush Limbaugh to benefit the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation charity is now topping $117,000 with about 24 hours to go. Hoorah!

That exceeds all expectations on a letter signed by 40 feckless Democrats who smeared Limbaugh with a letter that is grounded solely in the fertile (or fetid) imaginations of the leftists in the Senate, and Rush turned the situation around on them.

The letter, signed by Reid and his Senate Democrat colleages including Hillary Clinton, claims that Rush smeared the troops, which is a laugher considering that if you actually listened to the clip, you'd note that he was slamming those phony soldiers who besmirch the proud traditions of the US Armed Forces and who are used by the Left to smear the troops.

Far from belittling or smearing the troops, Rush was attacking those who smear the troops.

That's par for the course for the leftist Democrats in Congress.

Adding insult to injury (though I suspect that the Democrats who signed the letter don't know or care that their smear has turned against them), Rush has announced that he will personally match the winning bid dollar for dollar, and he challenged the Democrats to do the same. I expect nothing but the sound of crickets from those Democrats.

And at last tally, the bidding is up over $130,000!

That means $260,000+ for a very worthy charitable cause.

The tally is now over $500,000 and plenty of time for that figure to go ever higher. Wow. Just wow. It's for an awesome cause, so the higher the bidding, the more good it will do.

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