Monday, October 22, 2007

Dishwashers for Clinton

It's an excellent headline for an editorial, and it sums up the problem nicely. You've got campaign contributions by the thousands of dollars pouring into the presidential campaign for Hillary Clinton from people who, based on their professions, shouldn't have that kind of money available.

Is it the case of someone bundling money, as per Norman Hsu?

Is it shennanigans by the Clinton campaign people?

Is it a combination of the above?

I can tell you that it is yet another unintended consequence of the claimed need for campaign finance reform, which has done absolutely nothing to rid money from electoral campaigns. Instead, it has resulted in entities and individuals becoming far more creative in how they operate to skirt the law.

Bundlers take money from individuals who want to donate vast sums of money, and break it down into smaller chunks so that their favored candidates get the money. That's what the Hsunami is about, although in his case, no one knows the ultimate origins of the hundreds of thousands of dollars was - although Ponzi schemes aren't out of the question.

All this is bad news for the Clinton campaign, and fellow Democrats worry that they too many be smeared by the broad brush of the air of illegality, malfeasance, and possible criminality.