Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Red Meat Time: Bloomberg Steps In It

Michael Bloomberg compares the US situation in Iraq to the British during the Revolutionary War. He's now firmly putting himself in the Michael Moore minutemen meme camp.
In his most detailed comments on the Iraq war, Mayor Bloomberg last night suggested the United States was in the same difficult position as the British in the Revolutionary War - facing a determined band of insurgents.

Bloomberg said the comparison occurred to him when he visited his mother recently and was driving through Lexington, Mass., where a scrubby group of farmers rose up against a well-trained militia more than 200 years ago.

"We're the British," the mayor said during an interview with Tom Brokaw at Cooper Union, part of a series featuring potential presidential contenders hosted by former Gov. Mario Cuomo.

"I'm not suggesting the motives are the same. But I'm just pointing out that this was an insurgent kind of attack on trained, disciplined, uniformed soldiers who fought in a rigorously planned way. And we're trying to adjust to that."

Bloomberg called on the press to demand more detailed answers from the presidential candidates on a wide range of issues, including Iraq. But he readily admitted, "I don't know the solution more than anyone else."
Bloomberg couldn't be more hopelessly wrong. The US is working with the Iraqi government to pacify insurgents and terrorists operating in Iraq - insurgents who are remnants of the prior deposed Ba'athist regime that killed hundreds of thousands and who launched multiple wars that killed a million more (alas that reduces those facts to mere statistics). Bloomberg is wrong on a fundamental level. He simply doesn't get it - or worse- thinks that we're the bad guys in Iraq but can't say it outright.

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