Saturday, September 15, 2007

Is Elizabeth Edwards Running For President?

You know, it's interesting that Elizabeth Edwards gets far more press than her husband. She just came out opposing the ad smearing General David Petraeus. It's the right call, but is it surprising that John Edwards didn't make that statement himself? This is a pattern over the past several months.

You'd have to wonder which one of them is actually running for President the way things are going. I suspect it's intentional since Johnny boy doesn't exactly inspire a whole lot of confidence in anything more than his hair care regime. Either that, or John Edwards actually supports the position vis-a-vis the claims that Gen. Petraeus was cooking the books to support the Administration's policy on Iraq.

The thing is that so many Democrats are beholden to and the money and grassroots organizing that flows from that relationship. If they burn bridges with MoveOn, they may lose a significant vocal minority that holds sway among Democrats who are key during primary season - the ones who actually vote.

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