Wednesday, August 08, 2007

ScottScam Rolls On

I see that TNR is sticking by its Shock Troops stuff, but I find it curious that they're claiming to the WaPo the following:
But New Republic Editor Franklin Foer is standing his ground. “We’ve talked to military personnel directly involved in the events that Scott Thomas Beauchamp described, and they corroborated his account,” Foer said. The magazine granted anonymity to the other soldiers it cited.
One of the hypotheses floating was that they got the same soldier to account for each of the incidents. This wording suggests that there are more than one soldier they claim to corroborate.

Those soldiers need to come forward and state on the record what they saw. If misconduct took place, punishments should be handed down accordingly. Otherwise, there's nothing to suggest that these are anything more than urban legends or myths that Beauchamp got published.

Besides, Foer and TNR failed to acknowledge that the same Major Lamb who provided the "no comment" quote, was the same PAO Major Lamb who said that the reports were nothing more than urban legends and myths based on the investigation completed by the Army.

So, if TNR has facts that back up their assertions, show them. Otherwise, you've got baseless claims, which only serve to denigrate and attack the professionalism of the US Armed Forces. You mean to tell me that in a country where nearly every soldier has a digital camera, no one took pictures of any of this? You mean to tell me that in a country where units will document finds such as mass graves, no footage is available or exists to show that they came across a mass grave?

If Beauchamp picked up that bullet with a square back, where is it?

I could go on, but you get the idea. According to the US Army, Beauchamp's articles are nothing but baseless accusations, and TNR hopes that their bluster will get them through this storm. Sadly, they may be right - unless we get a public acknowledgment that Beauchamp recanted. Even then, TNR will claim that their reporting is true because they'll claim that Beauchamp withered under hostile circumstances. This is why those individuals must come forward. If one wants to see justice done - those who engaged in conduct unbecoming or violated Army regulations or the Uniform Code of Military Justice held to account for their actions - then TNR must come forward.

However, it would appear that TNR is more interested in protecting anonymous sources than getting to the facts.

Michelle Malkin lays a smackdown on the Winter Soldier phenomenon, which started with John Kerry and has seen a new generation pick up on the lies and exaggerations and half truths smearing the US Armed Forces. Oh, and how is it that John Kerry's Winter Soldier testimony follows that of a former KGB agent who was involved in spreading anti-US propaganda nearly word for word? Which came first, the KGB propaganda or Kerry's statements? (ht: weasel zipper for the Kerry links)

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