Friday, August 10, 2007

Missing The Story

Yesterday, it was revealed that NASA cooked the books on its temperature data that formed the basis of the longstanding argument that 1998 was the warmest year in the US on record.

1934 actually is the warmest - as the data was felled by a latent Y2k error, but which was only discovered because a scientist reverse engineered the data to determine that was the case. Indeed, five of the 10 warmest years on record come from the pre-WWII period, and only three have occurred within the last decade.

This doesn't prove that global warming doesn't exist, but it casts doubts on many of the assumptions made by the global warming types.

So, you would think that a major correction to the data that provides one of the key 'facts' used by the global warming crowd would get some media play? Eh, not so much.

Why is it that the media isn't picking up on this story - if only to turn the tables on Newsweek, which invested so heavily in last week's agitprop puff piece that claimed only the GW deniers were doing it because of the evil money cult? If there were ever an opportunity to exploit a gaffe at the expense of a competitor, this would be the case. Yet, there is nothing to suggest that the media even cares to run the story about the corrected data and its possible implications.

Drudge is no better, as Ace notes at the aforementioned link. He's not running the correction either, which is a shame, since he has the ability to get ahead of the rest of the media on this and force a rexamination of the story.

Paul at Wizbang has another tale of woe on global warming.

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