Friday, August 31, 2007

Deplorable DePalma

Director Brian DePalma has unveiled his latest movie, which is nothing less than a character assassination of all US troops based on a heinous criminal acts by a unit of US soldiers. Those soldiers have been tried and convicted for their crimes by the US military, but DePalma sees no problem with using the incident to further his anti-war, anti-military, and anti-US views.

That's completely within his perogative. He can produce any movie he wants - he just can't make you go see it.

I have no interest in seeing the movie. I only wonder why he didn't bother to make a movie showing what al Qaeda was doing to Iraqis on a daily basis - the kidnappings, mass murders, and the beheadings. Are those not sufficient to churn stomachs, or was the international audience going to salivate more over an anti-war/anti-US movie than one that shows the true evil of al Qaeda and might actually justify a continued US presence in Iraq to eradicate the al Qaeda operating there?

Indeed, this movie is geared to an international audience and the distributor has admitted as much.

Others slamming DePalma on his subject choice for his movie, including the need to fictionalize events that are factual and resulted in UCMJ sanctions - long prison sentences - to those involved: Roger L. Simon, Sister Toldjah, Confederate Yankee, and MacRanger.

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