Sunday, August 12, 2007

Beauchamp Stonewalls and TNR Walks The Plank Again

So, TNR says that Pvt. Scott Thomas Beauchamp is prevented from speaking to them and says that his calls are being closely monitored.
What's more, the Army has rejected our requests to speak to Beauchamp himself, on the grounds that it wants "to protect his privacy."

Scott Beauchamp is currently a 23-year-old soldier in Iraq who, for the past 15 days, has been prevented by the military from communicating with the outside world, aside from three brief and closely monitored phone calls to family members.
. The Army says that he's free to use communications as all other soldiers, which is generally monitored pursuant to operational security requirements.

Why does TNR think that their statement will hold up to scrutiny? Do they think that no one will fact check all of their statements to see whether they're just blowing smoke?

Beauchamp doesn't want to speak to media requests? Why has he gotten so timid and shy all of a sudden after producing several pieces in his Shock Troops diaries? After all, he had so much to say about his daily life in the war zone. And before he even entered the war zone. And in his own mind's eye. Now? Not so much when more media outlets come calling to get more of his take on things. Oh so curious.

Beauchamp must realize that his refusals are only fueling additional scrutiny and curiosity over what he was thinking when he put the figurative pen to paper and produced those stories. Are they seared into his memory?

I can actually understand why he doesn't want to speak to the media. He'd be forced to answer tough questions over his motives, whether and how he managed to mislead TNR over the veracity of his work, and then whether he took steps to correct those stories. I would not want to be in his shoes.

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